Thematic park with multifunctional complex


 The design concept refers to the aim of bridging  the sudden interruption between a large feature of rural landscape and a built settlement dated back to the ‘50, actually disconnected by a heavily crossed by wide extra-urban route lined by industrial and commercial big facilities. Facing the impossibility of deviating or digging the route itself, we opted in favour of a highly symbolic gesture: to re-establish a fully experiencing frame of public “natural” soil on the urban side and to build an “artificial” surface of open fields on the south side, adopting the morphology of a complex multifunctional inhabited “carpet”. This new thick “artificial landscape”, according to the design strategy, should be furthermore colonized by a huge mega-structure system, connected both to the rural area and to the urban one according to a specific ground design. The ground design itself blurs the differences between natural topography and artificial ’50 urban tissue, reducing at the same time the visual impact of the underneath parking areas, easily accessible from the route and the public transport system. The part of the thick “inhabited carpet” overwhelming the route is a spatial reticular horizontal slabs, which acts as an extension of the already existing commercial centre, almost orthogonal to the extra-urban route: a reinterpretation of the ’60 bridge-like service areas along the Italian motorway network, above which the mega-structural system lies. In this way the bridge-like station embodies in an original way the new west gate to the city of Bologna. The mega-structure is interpreted as a new urban block, open towards the nearby environment in different way, according to context quality and sun orientation. The north side is shaped as a huge slab, close to the city and open towards the rural environment, to maximize energy-saving goals. It comprises offices, student houses and an hotel. The south side is a tower-like tissue, not to shadow the rear slab and to emphasize the rural landscape openness. It host special workers residence with common facilities. The in-between space is arranged as a raised neighborhood area, filled with sport facilities and green artificial areas, in functional continuity with the artificial carpet itself, while a consistent part of the rural landscape is transformed into a thematic park, comprising a golf green, a botanic garden partially open to customer, riding school and neighborhood gardens for elderly people. The functional mix define a 24/7 occupancy of the area.