Urban Enterteinment Center Parco delle Stelle


The design proposal comprises the realization of a new basketball hall for indoor activities, to be used as leading plant for the basket championship of league a1 and a2. The new arena will have over 15.000 seats; it will be coherent with ultimate technical requirements for european and international competition. It is also intention of the developer the use of the hall for entertainment activities. The sport hall design also comprises additional buildings,  related to indoor minor sport activities, spaces for entertainment, congress hall, hotel and resorts, offices, mainly addressed to sport retail, such us wellness and fitness and public facilities as restaurants, pubs etc.. a first hypothesis, according to a previous analysis of financial sustainability, defines 90.000 sqm of net surface for the overall plant. The design also comprises outdoor sport spaces, with specific fields, playground and connecting spaces. This initiative belongs to the urban entertainment Centre mainstream, where free time and retail activities glue together with spectacular events, promoting a synergic result, and affecting local system by promoting user widening to reach an international audience. an integrated service offer, mainly related to sport, is also addressed to all kind of generation and needs. The design aim is to avoid filling the area with new isolated volumes, to reduce the impact onto the landscape, emphasizing the local environmental qualities. The overall design strategy is to go beyond a figure-ground relationship, transforming the ground into a figure. Coherently with the abstract concept, the building is designed as a macro raised “sod” under which take place the different volumes, with a huge park as a roofscape that forms a green system in continuity with the near creek and the outdoor facilities, for which we presume a feaseability plan. The perception for the time being will be the vision of a hill sloping down in the landscape and at the same time the perception of a structure that is included and become support and integral part of the whole system. as consequence of the functional and dimensional program the sod is carved according with the ground floor system of streets, squares and courts. Indeed, the suspended green acts as a mitigation and control tool. It allows containing the temperature raising, through evotranspirating and absorbing the solar rays, to reduce the polluting dusts due to the capacity of absorbing and retaining them, and even to reduce and control the influxes of the drain system by the retention and keeping of meteoric water. especially incisive for the eco-system is the utilization of intensive-type vegetation on the green roof that brings to an higher control the first rain water management.