Nicola Marzot and Luca Righetti are senior partners of PERFORMA A+U. They carry out their professional activity in the field of design and consulting, both individually and in collaboration with multitasking networks. Despite their involvement at all stages concerning the architectural design process, from concept to working plan and materialization phase, their activity mainly focuses on urban design, Real Estate assessment, and development and enhancement strategies with specific reference to complex functional programs of urban and territorial refurbishment, supported by public and private stakeholders. A consistent part of the firm's activity is performed on behalf of local administrations, mainly addressed to the definition and co-ordination of the various partners involved in the Real Estate processes development, often partaking of the public planning strategies and technical feasibility studies. This activity is promoted through urban and territorial marketing actions, project financial implications, urban design proposals, functional mix studies and settlement rules definition. They won several competitions related to feasibility studies for Urban Transformation Society (STU), in collaboration with major research institutes, multinationals and consulting firms. They also have editorial assignment on behalf of prestigious international architectural and urban design magazines.

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