Ex OMA – Environmental and territorial sustainability assessment

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The former OMA railway area was occupied by various buildings, which hosted the “Livello 57”, a well-known social centre, until 2009. In the same year, the area has been completely clean up, demolishing the existing structures and resulting for years an isolated landlocked area between the Stalingrad street Bridge and the former industrial area Buton (today a residential complex). The Central Railway Station and the City Centre are very close to the project area. Their vicinity suggests student housing as the best destination that could be seasonably interchanged with accommodation services. The project has to react to difficult site conditions, due to the plot shape, the context and the buildable surface demand. The propose tries therefore to convert the requirements into opportunities. The Masterplan is designed as a building solution. Volumes are articulated imaging a shared plinth that hosts the entire common facilities to leave them open to the city. The new structures are set-up from this ground floor thick basement. The north facade is penalised by railway tracks: the project suggests the implementation of an higly equipped wall, which hosts the horizontal and vertical distribution system and allows acoustic soundproofing. On the contrary, the design solution opens the south façade to student-dwellings looking towards the inner city and the hillside. The plinth’s roof terrace becomes a high-floor common space for the residences, protected from traffic and railway noises. A bicycle path reaches the plot form west, crosses it, and goes over under the already mentioned bridge. The project is easily connected to the east side through an industrial zone currently under-conversion, which hosts important district services. The access additionally guarantees further facilities to the complex and increases the quality of life of the designed settlement.