Residential building via Vighi


Residential building in Bologna The building plot fits into a residential tissue, which develops alongside the Reno river park, facing the edge of  the Barca District, a well known masterplan of the rationalist architect Giouseppe Vaccaro. The ground surface well expresses its being the ultimate result of the building process, due to its irregular profile. Indeed, it passively records the existence of a double plot system, reciprocally diverging due to the presence of an inflection in the local mobility network. The solely exception to the anonymous quality the surrounding areas is expressed by a 70’ building, facing the plot west side. The unique really interesting local resources are the river park and the missed alignments of the plot systems. Respecting the irregularities internal to the plot system, we intentionally avoided any pre-determined typological pattern, in favour of a careful analysis of the already existing street pattern interferences. Once defined the envelop into which should fit the building, its mass has been progressively carved out, with the intention to obtain a stepped profile towards the river park, so opening out the design to the surrounding landscape  Looking at the different elevations, the building itself seems to be the overlapping of several artificial soils, pointed by marking the floor  structure, upon which just simple brick diaphragms freely stand. Each diaphragm differs because of geometry, degree of permeability, matters, to define urban hierarchy. The plot character suggested the use of wood skeleton, overlapped to brick wall. They can perform to obstacle visual perspective, to act as brise-soleil and green light supports for gardening, extending outdoor life. The systematic use of roof terraces permits to offer all apartments generous open facilities, partially used as pensile gardens, to compensate at the upper floors the missing of a real private garden. The used matters, in addition to wood, are the natural bricks and the painted light enforced concrete.