Ex-industrial buildings survey in Ravone e Prati di Caprara

rilievo capannoni7

The economic and financial crisis that has hit the real estate market since 2007 has led to a radical re-design of the tools for managing the transformation of the territory. In particular, the Plan, in its various temporal and scalar declinations, turned out to be totally inadequate to deal with the exceptional conditions that the crisis has generated. Vacant buildings and areas that waiting to be valued, which would become real workshops for experimenting with new practices, to imagine unusual urban architecture models, are thus deprived of the possibility of being temporarily employed for this purpose and, in fact, excluded from any form of active participation of emerging stakeholders, who are determined to claim a role in this experimentation process.

Since 2012, Studio Performa A + U has become increasingly committed to the topic of temporary use, recognizing its extraordinary potential and developing all possible implications, through project experiences, participation in conferences and seminars, promotion of institutional and editorial activities.

Specifically, the development of the project for the temporary use of properties located in the ex-freight yard Ravone and Prati di Caprara has necessarily included the compilation of the documentation useful for the verification of cultural interest (ex Article 12 DL 42 of 22/01 / 2004 s.m.i.) and the subsequent census of existing buildings.

Thus, a continuous experimentation phase in the field of urban regeneration has begun, with the aim of assuming a clear feature of examplary in the persistent conjuncture of Real Estate market contraction. This will also enable, in the mid-term, to promote a necessary revision of the Urban Planning Regulation, so as to encourage the regeneration of abandoned building heritage, creating employment opportunities for emerging business profiles, or by carrying out an innovative self-managed incubation function.